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No one wants to think about becoming incapable of making their own decisions through illness or accident but it happens everyday to people of all ages.

A power of attorney lets you plan ahead to make sure that all your wishes are respected, no matter what happens.  It gives you confidence of knowing that in the future your care will be in the hands of someone you trust and someone that cares about you.

A power of Attorney is a written document that allows someone else to make decisions or take action on your behalf. This person is called your attorney and you can decide the most appropriate person(s) to hold this authority. You also decide exactly what they're authorised to do and under what circumstances.

The benefits of having a Power of Attorney:

  • Reassurance that all of your affairs will be taken care of
  • Planning ahead with confidence
  • Protecting your loved ones from unnecessary stress

These arrangements are designed to take effect if you are ever in the situation where you are incapable of looking after yourself. As we all know, this can happen gradually over time or suddenly, either through accident or illness.  Having an LPA let's you decide what kind of decisions you want someone to make on your behalf in the future.

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Office of the public guardian

These are the “governing bodies” for LPA’s if you will. They deal with all registrations and complaints with regards to the LPA’s. You can always ring these for help with the forms and ask for application forms.

If the OPG thinks that there are valid complaints about the attorney, they can pass the case on to the Court of Protection. These can decide/action the following:

  • Decisions on whether a person has the mental capacity to act on behalf of themselves
  • Making decisions on financial or welfare matters
  • Assessing if an LPA is valid.
  • If attorneys don’t follow duties they can remove their powers.
  • They hear objections on registration of LPA’s.

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